Lunettes 3d de réalité virtuelle en HD

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It is an entertainment device, with these glasses, you can feel being in a 3d Cinema. install your mobile phone on the clip in Sight before his eyes expérimentales has a simulation Screen in a movie theater. The New 3D-vR glasses are specially designed for Smartphones. They can improve a lot on your experience of Watching movies it can be considered privé 3d cinema and provide a great Gaming experience. Both holes 3D-vR glasses are specially designed for the headset/data/chargeur Cable, so you can recharge your mobile phone. Suitable for Smartphones Android and iOS Screen 4.7 ~ 6.0 inches. It provides effects of super-3d image and wonderful feeling. Simulation detection range : dune à screen of 1000 inch at a distance of 3 M flexible and adjustable clip is suitable for all. Matériau : ABS » Lens : 42 mm diameter degree of deformation : 1% - 2% viewing angle : 92 - 98 degrees

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