DIY Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D Glasses / Google Carton réalité virtuelle Lunettes 3D pour iPhone Samsung SmartPhones - Soutient NFC

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  • Ideale per smartphone con schermi da 4.7 pollici in sú
  • Cartone pretagliato, con lenti, anello metallico e magnete e l'elastico
  • Item is yet in EU, no Customs, Vat or other charges are due.
  • Item is fulfilled by Amazon = no long waiting for overseas shipping
  • ORDER NOW and receive within a few days!!

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**** NEW STOCK *** Singularly packed, easier to assemble and more durable

These are just a few of what is available! Just search for 'VR' on the play store and look through the list, download them and give them a go. If you don't like one you can just delete it! The list is increasing daily. Search also on Youtube for other compatible Videos/Animation

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